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Thank you for visiting the photo galleries of the 2017 Seminole County Public Schools Elementary District Country meet!

Photos are available for digital download for $12.00 each, with an included $6.00 donation to GROW Central Florida!

$6.00 is the total cost of one child to participate in a school year's worth of events with GROW Central Florida. Each digital picture purchase will support  one future runner!

Current Upload Status of Photos:


All photos have been uploaded!
If you cannot find your child's photo in the school folder, please check the Seminole County folder. 

To view your child's image:

1. Click on the appropriate school they attend. If your child did not run in a school shirt, select the first folder titled "Seminole County".
2. Find your child's photo(s) in the gallery, and notate the 4 numbers of the file image(s). It is very important you provide the correct file image number(s)!
3. To make a purchase, return to this screen and enter the image number into the "PayPal Buy Now" field.
     If you are purchasing more than one photo, enter each file image number in the same field, and adjust the quantity purchased in the next screen to the appropriate number.
     Please make sure you have a valid e-mail address in the PayPal payment!
4. The selected image will be provided to you as a full-resolution JPEG with no watermark shortly after payment to the provided e-mail address! The turnaround time for receiving photos is only 24-36 hours!

Contact me at with any questions!

4-digit picture number(s):
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